Lizzie Falconer

Founder of Beautiful Thinking

Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher  & NLP Practitioner

“I can’t change the past traumas that have happened to people, but I can help change their perspective – and that’s when the healing takes place.” Lizzie’s unique hypnotic voice takes her various clients to a very deep level of being and she’s about to introduce a new and exciting concept into the Spa industry.”

After years of working in the world of celebrities and media, Lizzie realised that she wanted to make a difference in the real world. “I had been rubbing shoulders with some famous and powerful people, and I came to appreciate that despite the money and the fame, many of them were still fundamentally unhappy.”



Lizzie’s BELIEFS

After giving birth to her youngest child 18 years ago, she decided to give both her family and herself a more spiritual and happier environment, so moved to Suffolk. '“I'd had enough of carrying around emotional baggage from my past and figured, there had to be another way to live. I needed a faith, a belief that there was reason for my existence and for what had happened in my life. What happened to me was truly amazing, painful at times, but gave me peace. I studied spirituality in many forms and found my answers, although the journey is constant and I continue to uncover more and more each day.”


Lizzie is a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. She has worked with hundreds of clients, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups, helping them change their view of themselves and the world around them. She runs residential retreats, works with large organisations to improve the welfare of their staff, with schools to help children and teachers deal with the pressures of education, business leaders, celebrities and even Royalty! She bases herself in London and Suffolk, but travels to wherever she needs to be. To Lizzie, we are all as important as anyone else - and she believes we all deserve to be happy.

She covers everything from stress, depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions and physical health problems. Her unique ability makes her clients feel relaxed and calm, whilst offering practical and spiritual advice too.


“I believe that if we look at the World more beautifully and nurture and nourish ourselves more beautifully, we can find a peaceful and happier life.”


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Client Testimonials

“I have always struggled opening up and feeling comfortable in the past when I have received counseling such as CBT” 

“Lizzie has such a naturally calming vibe about her and I feel like I could talk to her for hours and she would always find the words to make me feel better”

“Within AXA we are passionate about supporting our employees. Our recent focus on mental health has been supported greatly by Lizzie. Lizzie has completed both meditation and group support sessions and the feedback has been fantastic. Our employees have been able to explore meditation taster sessions and 6 week courses which many have taken forwards and adopted as part of their live style. Lizzie's warm and open approach along with her excellent reputation has help gain peoples trust and supported us in driving cultural change”.