A note from Lizzie

I’m a woman on a mission! I’m a wife and mother of three “children” who are either teetering on the edge of the nest or at least thinking about it! I'm passionate about treasuring every day on this planet and making it about your life and not someone else’s. I'm not perfect and I’ve experienced a wealth of the good, the bad and the ugly - but I've discovered a formula that has more than helped me get through my life, and that I now also share with my clients. I embrace life and refuse to let emotional issues, physical problems and the ageing process take over, and to that end keep my finger on the pulse of what is out there to help me and my clients on their journey.

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Sixteen years ago, I began my own journey of enlightenment. I'd had enough of carrying around emotional baggage from my past and figured, there had to be another way to live. I needed a faith, a belief that there was reason for my existence and for what had happened in my life. What happened to me was truly amazing, painful at times, but gave me peace. I studied spirituality in many forms and found my answers, although the journey is constant and I continue to uncover more and more each day. 


I'm a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I've worked with various meditation teachers over the years including Shaman, healers and yogis. I have been working with clients for 16 years now, and in that time I've have helped people overcome a wide variety of issues. From relationship problems, to eating disorders, from addictions to phobias, from anxiety disorders to depression, covering ages as young as six to people well into their 80s.


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Client Testimonials

“I have always struggled opening up and feeling comfortable in the past when I have received counseling such as CBT” 

“Lizzie has such a naturally calming vibe about her and I feel like I could talk to her for hours and she would always find the words to make me feel better”

“Within AXA we are passionate about supporting our employees. Our recent focus on mental health has been supported greatly by Lizzie. Lizzie has completed both meditation and group support sessions and the feedback has been fantastic. Our employees have been able to explore meditation taster sessions and 6 week courses which many have taken forwards and adopted as part of their live style. Lizzie's warm and open approach along with her excellent reputation has help gain peoples trust and supported us in driving cultural change”.