Red Lipstick


As we get older our skin tone changes so wearing a bolder shade suits us and gives us that feeling of visibility that we need. 

Using make-up is one of the best ways to feel confident. I’ve been in the beauty industry for many years and models and celebrities, like us all, suffer from lack of confidence believe it or not. Wearing what suits us and a “less is more” approach is what makes us feel comfortable, but one product I love for an instant boost is red lipstick. People say to me that it doesn’t suit me or I feel strange wearing it but its one of those things that can really boosts our confidence. If your not used to wearing it but fancy trying it use a red or berry colour lip balm that has just a hint of colour. The rule in choosing a shade of red that suits you is the paler your skin tone choose shades of red that contain orange ie corals and for darker skins choose a berry or true red. Always try on your lips if possible as the colour of your lips will change the colour of the shade especially if it’s sheer in texture. I love it too when this look is paired with a simple look on the eye so the emphasis is on the lips. I love the Korres range of lip balms for just a hint of colour.