Clean Cosmetics


As a make-up artist who is passionate about organic, natural and clean cosmetics and skincare, I’m so excited to see this trend really growing and filtering into the mainstream, making them affordable and accessible to everyone.

The brands coming through, not only perform beautifully, they’re cruelty free and avoid the use of potentially harmful ingredients, which may contain toxic hormone disruptors. Using cosmetics every day, can cause a build up in our bodies, we aren’t designed to absorb chemicals and so natural is essential.

Over the past few years, the major players in the cosmetic industry are realising that the trend is changing and consumers are more conscious of potentially harmful ingredients and the effect they can have on us.

Currently, some of my favourite ranges include RMS beauty, Lily Lolo and Kjaer Weiss. If you are in London pop into the gorgeous shop Content Wellbeing, Imelda, the owner has spent years searching for the best ethical and clean brands. I could spend in hours exploring it’s shelves, it’s a pleasure without any guilt.