Dry Skin Brushing


Most of us spend time taking care of our face with our daily routines, but I wonder why so many neglect the rest of our bodies?

Our skin, being the largest organ of the body, aids in the elimination of toxins and therefore there is an argument to say that taking care of the everything from the neck down, is even more important. A third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin, so dry brushing can help to expel these toxins as well as unclogging pores, boost blood circulation, and may help with the appearance of cellulite. After your skin has been exfoliated, it’s easier for the pores to absorb essential nutrients and leave the skin looking and feeling tighter.

The act of dry brushing has also been described as meditative, as it helps with muscle tension, calms your mind, and can relieve stress.

I’ve been dry brushing for years and I have definitely reaped the benefits in so many ways. You could feel amazing inside and out too.

How to dry skin brush

FYI, the stiffer the bristles on the brush, the better the lymphatic stimulation, I’d recommend starting off with a softer brush if you have sensitive skin or never done this before. You can get body brushes of all styles and prices from most high street chemists or health food stores

1. Use a dry body brush on dry skin for a few minutes before showering or bathing and use gentle strokes (your skin should look pinkish not red) always brush towards the heart.

2.Once dry use a body oil, moisturizer or body balm. I love Neroli Balm by Africology as it doubles up as a great Fragrance too. Alternatively coconut oil or Almond oil are great natural substitute.