Why Should You Meditate?

For some women, the very idea that they should take time out for themselves and relax is just incomprehensible. As a meditation teacher, persuading my clients to give themselves permission to let go for just a short while can take some persuasion. But once they do, they rarely look back.


When practiced on a regular basis, meditation can offer you a whole new way of being. In fact, there are over 100 benefits from practicing meditation, for our body and our soul. Studies have found that meditation can reduce stress levels, and lower blood pressure and even speed up the healing process. It can significantly help with depression, reduce pain and even help with balancing your hormones.

Concentration levels can dramatically improve and many who practice talk of a newfound inner- peace, which can be crucial in coping with our daily lives. Ironically, that crazy life that seems to prevent you from taking time out to meditate wouldn’t seem so crazy if you meditated!

If you would like to try meditation, we will be giving lots of advice in forthcoming blogs, so you will be able to ease yourself gently into your practice. But for now, just ask yourself if you deserve just a few minutes to yourself every day. When you look at the minutes, hours, days, months and years in your life time, is as little as 5 minutes a day just for you OK?

Begin, by just turning off your phone, lie or sit down and close your eyes. Now just breathe, breathing deeply and slowly automatically sends a message to the brain, which in turn tells our muscles to relax. If a thought comes into your head, observe it and then focus on your breathing again, listen to your breathing. Try this everyday and you and your body wont regret it.