For some massage is an indulgence and for others it’s therapeutic and essential.  I think it’s mostly the latter.

With the busy lives we lead, I believe having a massage, is a must for our physical and mental health. It can improve a number of symptoms connected with aging, our sleep patterns, muscle tension, blood circulation, and joint mobility.  On a deeper level, a good massage can help you emotionally too, soothing anxiety and tackling depression.

I have personally gone from fitful nights to having fantastic unbroken sleep.  My weekly massage, late in the afternoon, help with this for sure. Having a light massage with Lavender Aromatherapy oil really works with my sleep patterns. I’ve also suffered from lower back problems from having my children and sitting at work, the accumulation of this tension is really helped with being massage in this area.

When looking for a massage therapist, we recommend you choose a registered masseur.