Denice D. Lewis


An interview

Denise Lewis
Denise Lewis

Within seconds of a Skype meeting with supermodel, actress and artist Denice Lewis, I was struck by her incredible beauty.  I’d of course seen photos and films that she’d appeared in, and we’d built up an on-line, friendship before she graciously agreed to share her Beautiful Thinking with us, but it was still something to see her in the flesh; well almost.

Now living in Los Angeles, Denice has travelled the world with her glittering modelling career, including a nine-year stint living in London. She’s appeared on lots of magazine covers, as well as music videos with Elton John and Brian Ferry.  Denice pursued a career in acting too; appearing in movies including End of Days alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and TV shows such as Burke’s Law and Red Shoe Diaries. 

I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that she looks amazing for her 57 years, but it’s her inner beauty that really shines through. Like most wise and wonderful women, she’s had her fair share of personal challenges, but through sheer determination - and a sprinkling of humour – she’s become a true inspiration.

Looking serene in her gorgeous home, it’s hard to believe she spent 15 years fighting debilitating health problems, triggered by a horse riding accident in 1987.  In 2003, after suffering chronic pain, she was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She bravely fought through this, only to be thrown another curve ball in 2007 with Hepatitis C, which had to be treated with chemotherapy. And if that wasn’t enough, Denice needed a hip replacement then after 8 dislocations; it was back into hospital for another replacement followed by 10 more dislocations. Later she discovered they were due to excruciating muscle spasms caused by the Fibromyalgia experience.

But what Denice Lewis doesn’t do is give up. She found solace channelling her inner artist and took to painting abstract impressionism and very personal Tribute work to honour lost loved ones by commission.  Her love for art and her strong spiritual essence combined to produce beautiful works of art.  And in so doing, Denice explains that she firmly believes this type of personal expression was also an integral part of her healing process.  I’m in awe of how she tapped into her own intuition and recognised the need to make some serious changes to her life to get better. “I had my silver fillings in my teeth removed, replaced with composite fillings as they are far less toxic, made my own natural and organic non-toxic cleaning products, eat ethical vegetarian food and always try to remember to live a life filled with gratitude!”

And it’s paid off. I’ve decided I want to be Denice when I grow up; she is kind and deeply thoughtful, intellectual and extremely engaging. She has a wonderful eye for all things beautiful and clearly cares about everything and everyone on this planet including her three delightful rescue dogs. She’s busy completing her autobiography, which we can’t wait to get our hands on, and she plans to go back to modelling and acting now she’s fighting fit. We can’t get enough of her and will be following her very closely, as we think the world needs much more of this amazing lady!

We are so excited to ask Denice our 5 Beautiful Thinking questions, answered in her own words …enjoy!

1.    What’s the best thing about getting older?

For me the best thing about acquiring these “badges of honor” we call years is the wisdom that comes from the experience that life’s journey blesses us with. Every day I find I am learning more patience and to not take so seriously the many thousands of little things that used to be so important when I was a younger woman. I find that I can smile so much more every day and feel peaceful at a very deep level and that permeates every aspect of my life.

2.    Who is your female inspiration and why?

I have never been someone who has favourites in anything, so it would be unusual for me to have only one choice. As well, there are so many women that are inspirations it is truly hard to choose so I will share with you a few of the very many I admire and believe me I could list several more than this!!! I would have to say that Oprah is certainly one of the most phenomenal women I have ever seen. She was so inspirational for me during the time I spent in my healing process. Her spiritual principals, positive focus, generous nature, humour, fierce attitude and grace certainly kept me going on many days when it would have and could have been very easy for me to let go. And believe me I did walk a tightrope between letting go and not. Mother Teresa is another major inspirational spirit for me as well. I have always admired her selflessness and her unwavering belief in peace and charity for others. There are some days when we ask ourselves why we keep doing certain things that feel unappreciated and it is her face I see that keeps me in check when I am at that place. Maya Angelou and her wisdom in all the incredible poetry she writes moves me is a deeply spiritual way. I write poetry as well, so she is a natural inspirational force for me. And I really admire Gloria Allred for her lifelong commitment to women’s rights and human rights. She has been an activist for several decades and it still going strong today. I watched an amazing documentary on Netflix about her the other evening and after seeing it I had an even deeper appreciation for her as she has had her own personal tragedies that keep her motivated to fight for women that I had never known about.

3.    What is your top tip for ageing gracefully? Perhaps one beauty tip, one spiritual/mind tip, and one healthy tip? But one is fine!

If you want to age gracefully it is important take care of your skin!!! My mother started me on a skin care regime when I was 13 years old and I am so grateful to her that she did. Also stay out of the sun!!! It damages your skin in the long run!!! Eat clean organic food! Don’t smoke! Hydrate inside and out! Meditate; pray whatever works for you to keep your mind/spirit/soul at peace! Stress is a killer, so it is important to do your very best to have as little of it as possible in your life! Keep your body in motion! What ever your choice of exercise is up to you, but you must move! The energy in your body cannot become stagnant or you become so and that is going to age you.

4.    What would your younger self say to you now?

Wow!!! Is that really us??? I am so proud of us!!! We did a great job!!! LOL!!!

5.    What are your dreams for your future?

To continue to remain in a state of grace, joy and at peace. I have had miracles and you can’t ask for much more than that!!! While I am enjoying those wonderful blessings, I will also continue to work on my skin care line, my book and my acting and modelling career as well!!! I’m certainly not going to sit still!!! No stagnancy here!!! I might even fall in love…..who knows??? I’m open to all of it!!! Life is a beautiful miraculous gift!!! I’m certainly present for it!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to do this with you Lizzie and Kim!!! It has been an honour and a blessing!!! Namaste