Beautiful Feeling


When you think about your future hopes and dreams, do you think about what they are or how you would feel of you had them? 
It’s very easy to decide what we think we need to make life better. For example, more money, a new job, or a partner to make us happy. 
The problem with this is, you are limiting your possibilities. If you think your happiness only lies travelling down one specific path, you are preventing other options.
Over the years, a lot has been talked about the law of attraction. What concerns me about this concept is, that it conflicts with our spiritual nature. If you believe that there is an energy around us, as I do, then you need to trust it. 
Best selling books tell us to visualise to manifest material things, but if you do manifest them, I wonder if they were really meant for you? How safe are your manifestations, how do you really know that they are meant for you? 
I believe that we are all amazing and powerful. And yes, I believe we can manifest, but we should manifest feelings. Consider how you want to feel now and in the future. Sit in meditation and really feel happiness, success, health and contentment. 
Imagine what you would feel like if you accomplished your dream, not the dream itself. Don’t decide what’s right for you, decide how you want to feel. Then trust that energy will begin to work its magic.