Beautiful Present - Our past lives and how to concentrate on the present

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As a hypnotherapist it’s incredibly helpful to take my clients back into the past. Looking back at events that have triggered emotions and problems today, and changing their perspective on them can be incredibly healing.

Sometimes, I even work on clients through past-life regression, a guided tour through many lives which can be therapeutic and fascinating. 

We are who we are, because of everything that has happened to us up until this moment. Our subconscious mind is continually layering more and more experiences on top of each other. Sometimes it’s incredibly helpful to unpack and refold parts of that past, so we can heal ourselves. 

But to live constantly in the past and never move forward means we are stuck, and therefore we don’t open ourselves up to new opportunities and new happiness. 

You miss out on who you are today, that wiser person because of those experiences, has so much more to offer moving into the future. #motivationalquotes #pastlives