Beautiful Stress Relief

Last night I watched a wonderful documentary on Netflix called Heal. 
@kellygores investigates what makes us sick and why holistic healing is so relevant to curing disease. 
There are a host of interviews with extraordinary experts including Scientists, Healers, Ayurvedic Doctors and an Organic Chemist. 
If you want to understand so much more about your body, how to heal it and keep it healthy, this is the movie! 
Kelly also shares how meditation is without a doubt one of the most, if not the most important, of healing tools. It calms the mind, body and soul to reduce stress levels, which is understood to be the primary reason we get sick. 
These Sadhus on the Ghats in India have been practicing the ancient art of meditation, knowing the the secret lies within. Meditation is available to anyone, and it can heal you too. #heal#healthemovie @netflixuk @netflix @deepakchopra