Beautiful Thought - Are you a spectator or a player in life? 

It’s sometimes incredibly hard to become motivated when we feel so far away from the life that you want or feel you should have. We glance at others who seem to be having an amazing life, and it can feel so far from reality for us. 

Firstly, remember not everything is at it seems, a photo on social media for example is only one angle, a snap shot of someone’s life. Everyone has a tough tales to tell, and some hide them very well. 
So don’t judge your life by another’s. Just focus on your life and what is really important for you to enjoy your life. 

Today end your day knowing you were kind to yourself in some way, you were kind to someone else and you were kind to the planet. Take part in your life, take steps to breathe life into your life. 
In meditation breathe deeply as you imagine the life you you want. Feel the way you want to feel and breathe. #motivationalquotes