Ateh Jewel




As soon as you engage in conversation with acclaimed writer Ateh Jewel, you’re struck by her infectious, vibrant energy.  And she puts this energy to good use; it’s incredible how many different talents she can turn her hand to.

In the last 20 years, Ateh’s done more than most of us will do in a life-time - and she’s still only 40!  She writes for an impressive list of publications - including Tatler, Vogue, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Financial Times - and had a column for two years in Marie Clare. With her director husband Daniel, she’s become an award-winning producer of short films, The Secret Life of Foley and Drone.  And just to keep her on her toes she’s also the proud Mum of two beautiful 6-year-old twins!

Ateh has all the credentials of an inspirational woman, and it’s her beauty blogging and vlogging for women of colour that makes her extra special.  The beauty industry has long been overdue a proverbial kick up the backside, in providing women with darker skin better options in their cosmetic choices.  Ateh has campaigned to make cosmetic companies sit up and take notice. “Finally we ‘re seeing fantastic brands like Fenty provide us with something reflecting the diversity of the world we live in”, she explains “but we have a long way to go”.  We couldn’t agree more and it’s wonderful to witness Ateh’s passion.

“I became fascinated with beauty as a way of exploring the human condition”,  Ateh tells us.  My mother wisely told me to make my hobby my job, and in doing so, make the world a little better. We think Ateh makes the world a whole lot better and you can find her on with links to her social feeds.

1.    What’s the best thing about getting older?

I think the best thing about getting older is having a family, wisdom, not caring as much what other people think of you. Also the older you get the more you edit - people, situations, your clothes, make up, career choices, it’s a time to cut out the nonsense in your life. 

2.    Who is your female inspiration and why?

Me in 10 years. I’ve always had aspirations and dreams for myself and strive to make them come true. I’m very competitive but only with myself.

3.    What’s your top tip for growing old gracefully, perhaps one beauty tip?

Take care of yourself. It sounds simple but it’s hard for women. Taking care means spending the 20 minutes you think you can’t spare on applying a face mask; taking 15 minutes to mediate and do a mindful app like headspace and drink lots of water! It’s simple but your body can’t heal itself until it’s hydrated.

4.    What would your younger self say to you now?

We did it.

5.    What are your dreams for your future?

To be healthier, to love myself a little more and create a beauty empire, leaving a legacy based on self esteem, diversity, justice and kindness.