Beautiful Awareness of Life - What do you think of what’s going on in the world right now?

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Last week, I was met with incredible rage from a stranger, which left me quite shaken. After I had calmed myself down, I found myself thinking more about how this human being had reached such a level of anger. What was going on their life, to lose control like that? 
One could argue that with world politics as they are, we are all in a bit of a mess. Last week I actually had a client seek my help because he is finding the uncertainty of Brexit so stressful, he couldn’t cope anymore. 
It’s very frustrating when things are out of our control, when we can’t use our voice and be heard. We become stressed and anxious because we can’t get what we need or want. The fear of leaving the responsibility to others that we have lost faith in, can bring on massive insecurity - another path to anxiety, stress and depression. 
Insecurity began when we were young with childhood memories and if triggered as we travel through life, those feelings can get out of control. 
And there’s that word again....control. So much comes down to control, addiction, eating disorders, and phobias will all be rooted in an area of control or lack of it. 
So, what do we do to overcome this feeling of insecurity? Try to find healthy choices we can control. Surrender those things you can not control, and ask yourself what can you really control? 
As ever it starts with you, what can you do for you? Then what can you do for others? A report came out yesterday that 50% of the U.K. population, no longer engage in real conversations anymore. Maybe we should start there, talking to people who are lonely, joining groups, learning from strangers. We need to connect in a small way before we can change the bigger stuff. Talk and listen, help each other. Control your negative feeling with spreading positive and loving ones. #haveagoodday