Beautiful Happiness - Don’t let your mind decide how your life will be

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This beautiful photo taken by @elialocardi is Bhutan. Nestled deep in the Himalayas, it is the only Kingdom in the World that has a Ministry of Happiness. Since 2016, it has been ranked the most peaceful, least corrupt, and first in economic freedom and ease in doing business in South Asia. It’s 2 million inhabitants are a mixture of Hindus and Buddhists, and they have existed peacefully and happily since 1616. But the Bhutanese are not driving fast cars, or living in lavish houses, they don’t share their clothes or lifestyles on social media, they live simply and connected to each other.

As we spend each day searching for something better in the Western world, our subconscious mind confuses us with doubt and insecurity. Hands up who has scrolled this morning and seen something that has made them feel less than?

Don’t let you mind trick you into believing that if it looks good it must be good. Meditation isn’t about stopping you thinking all together, it’s about controlling your thoughts so they don’t control you. Just ten minutes a day, can stop that mind of yours from believing what isn’t true. #mondaymotivation