Beautiful Healing Food - Kung Hei Fat Choy or Happy New Year!

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I recently had a delicious Chinese meal in Soho in London. Being vegan and a bit of a health nut, there was plenty to choose from. 
I love the Chinese culture, and particularly its approach to healing through foods. 
Rather like Ayurvedic medicine, the Chinese approach is all about energy and elements in food and herbs. 
A proper consultation and tongue and pulse examination with your Chinese doctor will enable them to prescribe what you should be eating and drinking. 
Using the 5 elements, water, fire, metal, earth and wood, for certain parts of the body. 
The liver for example benefits from greens such as broccoli, kale, asparagus and wheatgrass. The heart on the other hand should be fed ginger, black pepper and mushrooms to name but a few. 
I must stress, I am being very simplistic in my explanation and I should really leave it to experts. But once you explore the ancient understanding of Chinese medicine it is fascinating and makes a great deal of sense. The Chinese energy clock for example and how Chi (energy) travels through our body at certain times of the day. Around 3am, the Chi is said to travel though our liver which is connected to grief. Many of my grieving clients have said they wake at this time. 
I would love to hear your stories of healing through Chinese medicine or any recommendations for Chinese doctors. 
I would like to give a nod to for this beautiful photo from their fantastic website. 
Happy Year of the Pig! #chinesenewyear