Beautiful Hugs

Beautiful Hugs

Today are two “official” days. It’s Blue Monday today and it’s Hugging Day. 
It’s seems to me that one should cancel out the other actually. Blue Monday was recognised back in 2015 by a travel show. It’s is meant to be the bluest day of the year, in the depths of January and Winter. For many, there is a sense of feeling very low, having perhaps, already broken your New Year’s Resolutions, feeling financially pushed after Christmas and missing the Summer sun and it’s Vitamin D. 

Hugging on the other hand......just 10 seconds of hugging can release Oxytocin, the “love hormone”. This will lower your stress levels and heal feelings of isolation, loneliness and anger. It will release serotonin which will lift your mood and it can even boost your immune system. 
Since the day we were born, we have known that being held or holding something close to us is soothing and calming. 

Connection will make or break us, we aren’t here to own this planet alone, we are here to share. A lack of connection and touch can seriously damage our mental health. 

Some people don’t like being hugged, this will be because they may have trust issues and need time. If you know someone like this start with talking and give lots of eye contact. Tell them you care but go at their pace. 

If it’s safe and appropriate though, spread some love! Happy Hugging! 
Oh and if you’re still struggling with those resolutions, call me for hypnotherapy! #huggingday #bluemonday