Beautiful Imperfection - What on earth is perfect? 

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I have just come back from the most perfect yoga class. One of these days, I will be able to fold like an envelope, or twist without hurting.....but it was still just perfect.

Despite the rather early start for a Sunday morning, the car journey chatting and giggling with a good friend was perfect. Despite the downpour this morning, it sounded perfect on the roof as we meditated, and I loved the moment our wonderful teacher came round and rubbed some oil on our foreheads that smelt amazing. It was particularly perfect that I had given this time to myself, and it was perfect that I was surrounded by like-minded people. 
As we grow we realise that there is no such thing as perfection for all at the same time. Seeing beauty is a matter of opinion, and you will never be perfect to everyone. 
What was even more crazy was Mia, our teacher even had it written in her t-shirt! (see my story!). Don’t seek perfection, find the beauty in imperfection. Your imperfections are unique and are quite perfect as they are.  @matspace_framlingham @lilavati_yoga @clair_orton_pr 🙏❤️