Beautiful Love - Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone

My heart and love goes out to everyone, especially those who are alone. I am always saddened to read posts by those who don’t have a partner on Valentine’s Day. 
But love comes in many forms, if you look around you there is love. The smile of a stranger, the dedication of a teacher, the faithfulness of a pet and so on. 
Love is an energy, and it can not be seen. You can’t actually prove you love someone, but we all know it fundamentally exists in some form or other. And if you can’t see it but you believe in it, then that is faith. Whether you are in love right now or not you have faith in love and therefore there is no reason why you can’t find it.

Let today be about love for each other. Look around you today, and give love to others through kindness and friendship. Be grateful for receiving it in any form too. #valentinesday