Beautiful Opportunity - What is stopping you realising your dreams and goals?

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Have you stuck to your New Year’s resolutions, did you complete dry January or Veganuary? 
Whether it’s something you want to give up such as smoking, drinking or sugar. Or you are looking for motivation to study, exercise or move on to a happy place in your life, it always starts with a thought. 
Making that decision to change is up to you, no one else can make it for you. As a hypnotherapist, I get people ask me if I can “make” them stop smoking or stop eating bad foods. The answer is I can HELP them but I can’t MAKE them. 
People often say, those who can’t give something up are weak, but its take a huge amount of stubbornness and strength to carry on drinking or eating the wrong foods. Most people know these things are bad for them and are often reminded of it by others too, but the determination to self destruct anyway, takes huge energy. 
It’s when you consider that this method isn’t actually working, and really think about what the future will be like instead of the quick fix in that moment, that you can change your thought. Shifting that energy into your future self instead. 
I have helped 100’s clients over the last 18 years, last week for example a client sent me a photo of her 3 year AA (Alcoholics Annonymous ) coin. It really moved me, as I looked back on how fought together in the beginning and the sheer determination not to lose everything to drink. There were many tears and some dark times for her, but she has her family back and she looks and feels amazing...and that was the most important thing of all for her. 
Whatever you want in your life, depends on where your limits are. Is it that short fix you want? Will it give you a moment of pleasure and then long term unhappiness? Or do you want to give health, happiness, and life a chance? 
There is help out there, including myself, but it starts with where your limits lie......your thoughts. #addiction #hypnotherapy