Beautiful Soul - How to connect with you inner-self

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There two people inside you, the first is controlled by the brain, that sponge in your head that has absorbed information. Every experience, everything you have been taught and told throughout your life, is stored in that sponge. 
The other sits in your entire body and transmits from your heart. Some call it a soul, a spirit or just the real inner you.

The challenge in life is to listen and trust your soul, and avoid the chatter of your conditioned mind. 
To trust your instincts and dismiss what you have been taught, is brave. But how many times did you ignore your heart felt feelings in the past, and look back now and wish you hadn’t? 
Meditation is connection with your soul. The more you meditate, the more you live from a soul level. Consider for a moment what your life would be like if you just switched off your brains advice and gave your soul a chance to speak. #journeyofenlightenment