Beautiful Thought

Beautiful Thought

I love this. I think the owner of this van, wants to make the world a better place.

The point about worrying is that we do it before something has actually happened. When and if the moment of impact comes, we don’t worry we either fight or fly. 

If you are a worrier, and this is very normal, take action. Don’t let worrying take over your mind. The thing about our thoughts is that they will eventually take over us if we let them. 

  1. Move - if you are sitting in a spot worrying. Walk, go outside into some fresh air if you can, but change your scenery.

  2. Avoid alcohol it’s a depressant, or any other self medicating drug. It is a short fix and the problem will still be there when the effect has worn off. 

  3. Talk to someone. Call a friend, a family member, or talk to a therapist. We therapists are trained to listen and help you find a solution! 

  4. Practice meditation, it’s not the same as sitting and thinking, it’s training the brain not to over think. Try one of my downloads on my website if you like. They will relax you and retrain your brain. Better still come and learn with me! 

  5. Try using a mantra to repeat over and over again. Something like “I’m happy and bright and everything is alright”. It might not feel that way to begin with but by repeating this over and over, you are re-wiring your brain to see things differently. #worry