Blue Summer Eye-colour Trend


How to rock the latest eye-shadow colour trend, without looking like you may have done it (I did) in the 70s!  I love a little touch of colour sometimes and with this amazing weather it feels totally appropriate!

Although we tend to stick to our neutral shades most of the time, adding a touch of blue pencil may be a way to update - just for the summer.  Blue looks great with a tan, and with the fantastic weather I’m definitely getting browner (be it a bit of a farmer’s tan)!

Although the trend is for bold unblended colour - or a wash of blue, I like to apply blue pencil at the outside corner of the eye ¾ of the way along - close to the lashes, just for a touch of colour.  Not only simple to do, but adds a touch of colour without being too harsh. Use a soft pencil so you don’t drag the skin, but you can smudge it too for a softer look.  There are so many long-lasting pencils on the market that are soft but long-wearing. Try Bobbie Brown’s navy if you’re nervous about going for a brighter shade. 

I also like adding a touch of blue mascara; if you feel you want to go bolder with the colour, try coating your top and bottom lashes for added volume.


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