Do you have hormone disruptors in your make-up bag?


We all know of the dangers to the environment regarding plastic waste, we see it everywhere. Thankfully, this is beginning to filter through to the beauty industry now and we are seeing more and more products in ethical packaging. With all the plastic floating in the oceans and rivers small fibres are contaminating marine life and therefore could potentially affect our health. A vitamin producer recently shared with Lizzie, her struggle to source pure Omega 3 from algae because of plastic pollution.  Chemicals in plastics can cause havoc with our health, they are carcinogenic to begin with and studies have shown that they can disrupt our hormones.

It’s encouraging to see those cosmetic companies out there that are really trying to make a difference and have been on this crusade for a while. Alongside cosmetic packaging, and the ban on plastic ended cotton buds next year will make a huge difference to our bathrooms and make-up bags.

It will take a while for this to filter through to mainstream as costs and transport issues are involved for many brands, but we’re seeing a few niche cosmetic brands already addressing this issue. We are always on the look out for ethical, recyclable, and bio-degradable products and will keep you informed regularly.

Take a look at RMS Beauty’s main range in gorgeous glass pots, better still their products are organic and their cartons are bio-degradable, manufactured from wind powered factories.

Kjaer Weis, although their cosmetics do not come in glass they are refillable so there is a saving on excess packaging.

Tins are a also great alternative to plastic, some of Burt’s Bee’s lip tints come in this form of packaging.