Flower Waters


Flower waters are not only refreshing, toning and mild, they’re also perfect for those with very sensitive skin.  They’re not over fragranced and are the by-product from the distillation of essential oils - making them eco-friendly too.

Flower waters are also known in the industry as hydrosols, or herbal and floral waters.  During the process, the flowers are distilled with water, the water is heated and passes through the plants as vapour, which collects the essential oils and other ingredients. These essential oils - which float on the surface of the water - are then removed; leaving the flower water, which contains a small quantity of the essential oil and other water-soluble agents from the plant - which is why they also smell amazing!

I use them as facial spritzers but they can also be a great way to freshen your house as a room spray.  Rosewater can also be used as a gentle and inexpensive toner and is readily available at most chemists.

My personal favourite flower waters are Geranium and frankincense.

Geranium floral water is ideal for hormonal skin outbreaks, great during the menopause as Geranium flower water plays a balancing act on the hormones. Perfect for me and my teenager daughter too. Don’t know if she realises why she loves it (other than the incredible smell!) but I’m always happy to let her share! These are some of my favourites: