Beautiful Immune Booster - Do you need to kick your immune system into touch?

If you are suffering from fatigue, or winter colds and flu then it’s time to really address what you’re putting into your body. Your immune system will be needing lots of help and it’s up to you to keep the engine going. 
Juices and smoothies are a fast way to get straight to the problem. This one has a real kick to it.

1 cup of coconut milk and filtered water if needed.

Juice from half a lime. 
Handful of spinach 
Half a cup of frozen mango

Half a cup of frozen pineapple 
Quarter jalapeño pepper or on the side

4 small mint leaves

4 slices of fresh ginger

Optional protein/vitamin powders, fresh turmeric, and chia seeds.

Blitz together and drink immediately.
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