Lip & Cheek Multi-purpose Products


I’ve always loved a Multi-Purpose product.  For myself as a working mum, like lots of us, we don’t have the time, and as a make-up artist, I love how multi-purpose products can add the same colour and tone to the skin. These products also offer us two products for the price of one, or just a little more than one!

As we grow older, our skin tone - along with our hair – can get paler; and therefore so should our make-up.  Although many of us still stick to the same colours we used in our 30s, these now may not suit us.

My personal favourites are lip & cheek tints - especially with a hint of colour. As our skin-tone changes then adding a hint of colour can look amazing. Think of Iris Apfel with her Red Lipstick; not only is she stylish, but she also looks amazing using colours in her clothes, make-up and accessories and she certainly isn’t afraid to go for it.  She’s a true ICON of style in my eyes, although I’m not as brave in my choice of clothes!

Corals look great as they add warmth as well as softness in colour. I personally love Studio 10 peach plump for the cheeks and Body Shop liquid lip & Cheek products add colour - but are sheer and a little goes a long way. I also love the texture and colours that RMS beauty have; this range is organic too and developed by make-up artist Rose Mary Swift, so the texture is amazing as they have been developed by a professional who understands application and pay-off as well as ingredients.

Using your fingers to apply and blend products means these can be added to your lips to give just a hint of colour, so if you prefer a more natural look from your make-up this technique is perfect, as well as being quick!