Matching Your Foundation To Skin-tone


So many women either buy, or are advised to buy by a shop assistant, the wrong colour foundations for their skin. Obviously our skin changes colour throughout the year, especially in the summer, when we’re all catching the sun and have a bit of a tan.

Personally, I’m a fan of only covering up blemishes or any pigmentation - and not the whole face, but I understand this is the quickest solution for a lot of women, so choosing the right colour of foundation is vital. 

I’m often asked the question - “how do I match my foundation to my skin-tone?” I’ve had so many years of experience that this comes naturally for me now - so here’s a simple guide.

Thankfully there are now quite a few high street and premium brands that offer a whole spectrum of colour from the lightest shade to the darkest.

Test the colour on your jawline NOT your hand, as this is never the same colour; the foundation should match your skin-tone, not be lighter than the skin-tone. Try to test in natural daylight if possible; if the shop assistant is helping you, ask if you can look at the colour by the window.  Spend time getting the colour right; it may mean trying a few shades on your jawline - in a stripe from your cheek downwards is ideal as this allows for colour blending. 

Equally important is matching your foundation tone to jewellery you wear and how you tend to tan.

Those that suit and wear silver jewellery tend to have cooler skin-tones and those that suit gold tend to have warmer skin-tones.  If you’re lucky enough to suit both, you tend to have a neutral skin-tone.  

Those who have a cool skin-tone tend to turn pink or burn easily in the sun and those who have warm skin-tones will tan in the sun; even my daughter who has strawberry blond hair will go brown eventually, despite the constant SPF 50 defence!