Shavata Singh




What Vidal Sassoon is to hair, Manolo Blahnik to shoes and Coco Chanel to Haute Couture, Shavata Singh is to eyebrows. Our Beautiful Women’s section was created to inspire women by interviewing other inspirational women, and Shavata in unquestionably an inspiration!

A trained beauty therapist, Shavata was working at hairdresser Michael John’s salon in Mayfair. “ I saw many high profile clients, including a former Vogue Editor”, she told us, “ I plucked up the courage to tell her that her eyebrows needed seeing to!”  Shavata’s courage paid off, “she absolutely loved the results of my threading, and wrote about me and how it’d taken years off her in the next edition!”  From that moment on, Shavata’s clients went from four a day to 20 and she hasn’t looked back since!

After 30 years in the beauty industry, Punjabi born Shavata now has 20 in store salons across the UK, including Harrods (who approached her), and House of Fraser. Her flagship salon is in Chiswick, where you’ll find Shavata working at least two days per week. Her client list is impressive: Adele, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Elle Macpherson and Kelly Brook have all had their ‘brows beautifully tweezed and plucked by her. 

The Brow Studio, of which Shavata is founder and Managing Director, offers Facial Threading, Brow & Lash Tinting, Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions, Micro Blading and much more! It also has a range of fantastic products including Shavata’s award winning Defining Pencil, Lash Fabricator and Red Sable Brush.

Otherwise known as The Brow Guru who can create the “perfect arch”, Shavata also manages to run her two children to school every day (she’s a single Mum) and spend quality time with them.  This, coupled with juggling working as a therapist - and visiting her 200 loyal staff throughout the country – we’re in awe of her!

We asked Shavata our 5 Beautiful Thinking questions.

1.    What’s the best thing about getting older?

I love my age, I’m old enough to know better and be myself and to be able to afford great experiences.

2.    Who is your female inspiration and why?

Most women inspire me. Their determination and strength is like no other. I am inspired every day by other women’s success stories, how they get through their struggles and how they are balancing their families with their professional lives. Women surprise me everyday. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by incredible women every day, whether that’s my family, friends, teams, customers or piers, they make-up my world. 

3.    What’s your top tip for growing old gracefully, perhaps one beauty tip?

Use anti-aging products before you get wrinkles and not once you have them. A cream only prolongs the ageing process and does not remove lines. Also a healthy diet.

4.    What would your younger self say to you now?

You did well girl!! But you need to have more fun and stop worrying about your kids 

5.    What are your dreams for your future?

It was to have a successful business but now that I think I have that, it’s changed to have more fun and have a better work life balance and watch my children succeed in whatever makes them happy