Sophie Anderton




When we caught up with Sophie, she was on her way to Dublin to catch up with her long-term boyfriend Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill and it’s obvious she’s in love and incredibly happy. Sophie is looking absolutely amazing at 40 and is healthier than ever. “I’m really looking forward to getting married and having children” Sophie told us, “I’ve been waiting for someone to be an amazing father to my children, and it was so worth the wait”.

Sophie’s exotic beauty comes from a mix of American Indian, Spanish and Irish blood, and her youthful appearance is down to a strict, non-toxic beauty regime. She refuses to use Botox and fillers as she didn’t like the way it changed her face. Now, she only chooses products she has researched thoroughly and combines that with Face Gym’s routine. “Some people don’t believe that I haven’t had work done, but your face has muscles just like the rest of your body, and if you work out those muscles then it will keep your face toned and firm” she explains. She also loves Gaylia Kristensen’s skincare products.

Now that Sophie has decided to take a break from modeling, she has some very exciting projects coming up. She is currently designing a range of “Luxury Performance Brands”, including an exclusive range of lingerie and a skincare range for women who work out. “Women need comfort and a breathable fabric while they are exercising, and our brand Intensifi does just that”. Beautiful Thinking will keep you posted when these exciting products launch.

We are so excited for Sophie’s future, her energy is infectious and she is a truly inspiring woman. Thank you Sophie for answering our 5 questions.

1.    What’s the best thing about getting older?

Turning 40 was immensely liberating. I feel stronger, healthier and more confident than ever. I am surrounded by strong and successful women in work who constantly inspire me, and motherhood. I now know what I want from life and who I am. 

2.    Who is your female inspiration and why?

I have to say and without sounding cliched, it's my Mother. After losing my father 3 years ago, now 73, she lives life to the full. Constantly travelling and has by far a busier social life than have I! However, it was her grace and strength throughout the early days of my father passing that astounded me. She is also my best friend and has been there throughout, supporting me when I decided to retire from modelling and public life to start my own businesses. On the days when it has been tough, my mother has always helped drive me forwards through her unwavering belief in that my dreams and ambitions are coming true.

3.    What’s your top tip for growing old gracefully, perhaps one beauty tip?

My number one beauty tip is do not try and turn back time by the use of Botox/Fillers. I stopped at 39 yrs old and now I feel more confident and at ease with ageing, as I prefer to have facial expressions. I also swear by the Gaylia Kristensen product range, to help manage signs of pigmentation and those little irritating lines that come with age. The range is gentle and effective without stripping your skin of its natural oils and nutrients.

I also am a firm fan of Face Gym! Whist we all concentrate on going to the gym to promote strength and tone in our bodies, Face Gym works out all your facial muscles, thereby giving immediate lift and sculpting, whilst infusing Hyaluronic Acid and essential vitamins into the skin! Amazing!!! I am hooked!

Spiritually, I find yoga and silent meditation incredibly effective, especially as it forces me to slow down, refocus and evaluate how I am feeling that day. I truly believe that, living in a city like London, people need quiet time to find peace for themselves.

In terms of health, I have an extremely holistic approach to fitness and health in general. My exercise regime is 6 days a week, combining Muay Thai boxing, Pilates, Barre, Yoga and TRX. All my training is body weight based, so not to cause injury or impact on my joints. My approach to my food intake is very similar, varied but also all organic, fresh produce. I choose to avoid gluten, sugar and pre packaged foods, replacing them with meals based around fresh organic proteins and lots of veg/salads. I replace gluten with ingredients such as chick pea pasta, quinoa and sweet potatoes, for example, to keep my energy levels high!!

As a women, I highly recommend Skinade and Ingenious Beauty (pure collagen…Amazing!) for your skin. Plus, Lumity Supplements, which have been developed specifically to support, combat and enhance a woman's every day performance. 

4.    What would your younger self say to you now?

Now that you're becoming the woman that I always wanted to be, I am proud of you!

5.    What are your dreams for your future?

I have recently started two brands, both targeting the luxury performance industry. One is fashion focused, the other beauty, but both requiring of me in near equal measure. So, I’ve been as constructive as I can afford to be in combining respective management roles, with a view to simplifying my life as much as possible whilst hopefully offering the brands every chance of success. I’m also in a loving relationship with a man who wishes to share in the joys of family life with me and we are taking about marriage later this year. I very much look forward to being able to explore the world with him, children in tow (he already has several) and experience all the wonders that I missed when I was younger - if you only knew the extremes that he has in store, you’d see why!!