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Beautiful Thought

When we go through our toughest times, we can sit and wonder if we will ever feel better, happy again. 
But tragedy and suffering can bring us the wisest of lessons. In my own life, I have had many curve balls thrown at me. Some have been so hard for a while they have knocked me off my feet and I have had to really fight to get back up. 

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Beautiful You - Restoring Confidence

I’m on a mission, a mission to restore confidence in those who need it. Part of my work is with young people, and it’s a privilege and a joy. But I find myself deeply troubled by the lack of confidence and self esteem in so many of them.

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Beautiful Hugs

Today are two “official” days. It’s Blue Monday today and it’s Hugging Day. It’s seems to me that one should cancel out the other actually. Blue Monday was recognised back in 2015 by a travel show. It’s is meant to be the bluest day of the year, in the depths of January and Winter. 

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Shavata Singh

What Vidal Sassoon is to hair, Manolo Blahnik to shoes and Coco Chanel to Haute Couture, Shavata Singh is to eyebrows. Our Beautiful Women’s section was created to inspire women by interviewing other inspirational women, and Shavata in unquestionably an inspiration!

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