Beautiful Ritual - The Shamanic way to get rid of negativity 


Shaman have been walking this Earth longer than any other spiritual group. They are said to originate from Scandinavia, but most us associate them with South America.

It’s hard to describe Shaman in a few short sentences, but I consider them to be powerful medicine healers who work with the elements and our energy. But when you really look into it, it actually makes perfect sense. 
I have spent time with Shaman and each time, I have found their work extremely powerful. I would love to hear from anyone who has also had an experience with a Shaman.

Try this simple and very effective ritual. Pick up a stick, hold it in your hand and go for a walk by yourself. As you walk, think about those things in your life that you feel you want to let go of. Whatever or whoever is making you feel stuck. Blow those thoughts into the stick every time a negative thought comes to the forefront of your mind. Keep letting those thoughts come up and keep blowing them away. 
When you feel you have finished, find a safe place to make a small fire and burn the stick. As you do this recognise that you’re being released from those things.