Beautiful Manifesting - Can you really transform your thoughts into reality? 

Everything you are, everything you have in your world today, began with a thought. When you truly believed something would happen, and doubt just wasn’t an option, did it happen?

Books and talks on manifesting, also known as The Law Of Attraction, are everywhere now. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, The Law of Attraction is simply the idea that whatever we are and how we think, we attract in other ways in our lives. We are all like mirrors, so for example; if you are a positive, kind person who is self-respecting and loving to yourself, then you will attract that in others and they will reflect those qualities back to you. 
Our minds are incredibly powerful, and while I have a few issues around the spiritual side of manifesting, there appears too much evidence to suggest that if you visualise the life you want you will manifest it. 
I will be talking more about this over the next few weeks as I have been doing some experiments myself. So far, so good, but like the saying goes be careful what you wish for! 
Have you been manifesting? Please share your stories, I would love to hear them. #lawofattraction

Photo from @pinterest