Our mind is a sponge; ever since we're able to communicate, we learn and form opinions and decisions.  As we grow, we take in information from our parents, teachers, peers, our surroundings and experiences. Our brain logs this information and as new experiences occur in our life, we access this information to help us through. As life goes on, these coping mechanisms become less and less helpful, but because they're there, we use them anyway.  Ultimately they become counter-productive and hold us back.

As a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and meditation teacher, Lizzie can help you to change those patterns and begin new and more helpful ones, which can bring you inner peace and lead to a much happier path ahead.

A question we get asked more that any other is “how do I learn to love myself”. Well, you've already started that process by joining here! Women often put themselves last  and lose sight of their real authentic self. We will offer you ways in which you can nourish your soul and learn to love yourself again.



Beautiful Body


As women, feeling complete and balanced is essential and this includes looking after our bodies, not only with what we put on our skin but what we eat and drink too. Hormonal changes, for example, can have a detrimental effect on our health and well-being. Our ethos is clean beauty,  Paraben free, and ethical whereever possible. As we reach mid-life and beyond, we face physical changes. We believe you should nourish your body naturally.  

Follow our Blogs that will be informative on everything from nutrition to face & body care.


Beautiful WOMEN


We feel that women inspire women, read our interviews from inspirational women who share their Beautiful Thinking with 5 thought provoking questions. 

We are also honoured to have some guest bloggers share some of their Beautiful Thoughts too.